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The Impact of COVID-19 in Illinois

The Center for Illinois Politics will be reporting on the Coronavirus pandemic and how it is affecting public health and our economy.

Track Daily COVID-19 Cases with These Interactive Maps

With Coronavirus erupting across the world, keeping track of the constant stream of new cases is exasperating. Click on coronavirus image to receive daily updates.

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IL Campaign Cash

It’s no easy task to keep up with all the money that’s infiltrating Illinois politics these days. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop shop that helps you take a streamlined spin behind the scenes in the places that matter. Campaign funds’ available cash, contribution sources, and expenditures are all brought under one umbrella, with the filters you set.

Our numbers are sourced from the publicly available filings that candidates and their committees provide to the Illinois State Board of Elections. More about the data »


The Center for Illinois Politics provides data-driven reports on political trends and happenings around the state. All of our pieces are reviewed by the Center’s bipartisan board for neutrality prior to publication.