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Toni Preckwinkle

  • Affiliated party
  • Current office held
    Cook County Board President
  • Past offices held
    4th Ward Alderman, City of Chicago (1991–2010)

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Toni Preckwinkle currently serves as the Cook County Board President. Preckwinkle was born in St. Paul, MN in 1947. She received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Chicago.

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A list of public figures and entities that have publicly endorsed this candidate.

Organizations: SEIU State Council, Teamsters Joint Council Teamsters Local 700, IUOE 399, UFCW 881, Painters Local 14, Ironworkers Local 63, Chicago NOW, Sierra Club, Illinois Federation of Teachers, National Association of Social Workers, People’s Lobby, Indo American Democratic Organization, Asian American Midwest Progressives, Italian American Political Coalition, Chicago Teachers Union

Elected Officials: US Rep. Jan Schakowsky, US Rep. Danny Davis, Secretary of State Jesse White, Ald. Carrie Austin, Ald. Howard Brookins Jr., Ald. Walter Burnett Jr., Ald. Pat Dowell, Ald. Leslie Hairston, Ald. Michelle Harris, Ald. Sophia King, Ald. Greg Mitchell, Ald. Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
Ald. Chris Taliaferro, Commissioner Mike Cabonargi, Commissioner Kim DuBuclet, Commissioner Bridget Gainer, Commissioner Brandon Johnson, Commissioner Bill Lowry, Commissioner Stan Moore, Commissioner Josina Morita, Committeeman Howard Brookins Sr., Rep. Kam Buckner, Rep. Marcus Evans, Rep. Will Guzzardi, Rep. Camille Lilly, Rep. Theresa Mah, Rep. Rob Martwick, Rep. Delia Ramirez, Rep. Lamont Robinson, Rep. Justin Slaughter, Sen. Jacqueline Collins, Sen. Mattie Hunter, Sen. Iris Martinez, Sen. Robert Peters, Sen. Elgie Sims, Sen. Ram Villivalam, US Rep. Bobby Rush, Ald. Rod Sawyer, Ald. Patrick Daley Thompson, Commissioner John Daley

Individuals: Cecile Richards (president of Planned Parenthood), Ron Powell (president of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881), Valerie Jarrett (senior advisor to former President Barack Obama) Tina Tchen, (former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama), Howard Tullman (Entrepreneur), Tania Unzueta (Policy Director for Mijente), Chance the Rapper


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